can fedex print labels?

FedEx recently announced its plan to print and deliver packages, putting the company in direct competition with Amazon. The new service is the latest effort led by FedEx President David Bronczek to streamline operations. Instead of having customers pick up their packages from FedEx branches, they can now use this service for free or at a small fee anywhere in the United States.

Please read on below for more information about how this service will work and some helpful tips that will allow you to maximize your experience with FedEx’s new shipping option.

FedEx Print & Go works like this: The consumer chooses an existing delivery point which is a FedEx Office location; these locations are currently the only available points for Print & Go. This means that consumers will need to walk into a FedEx Office location to drop their package off. There are over 1,800 locations in the United States, so you should be able to find a nearby location with ease. Once you drop off the package, it is sent to either the local post office or directly to your home address.

The turnaround time is 3-4 days, for a small fee. This fee depends on the destination of your package and the shipping method you choose. The most common shipping methods are UPS Ground, FedEx Two Day Select, or standard FedEx Overnight. You can also choose to receive your package later, if you are not in the delivery area any longer. However, this will result in a fee at an additional cost of $15-$20 dollars.

Drop Off Locations:

FedEx Office

FedEx Office Locations in All 50 States

“If you are looking for a new way to mail package delivery, look no further. FedEx Print & Go is a safe and reliable way to send your packages while also saving money on shipping.

Does FedEx print labels for free?

If you have ever had a package delivered by FedEx, then you probably know that the company charges $4 per label to print labels for your shipment. But is there a way around this charge?

Yes! You can go online and find sites that offer free labels for any size of shipment. Of course, these websites might not offer very creative options, but they are convenient if you’re in a hurry or just don’t have time to generate your own labels.

Can I print a label at FedEx?

Can I print a label at FedEx?

That depends on whether or not you have a FedEx account. You can print labels for packages that are shipping out domestically or internationally, and you can print both postage stamps and companies’ labels. Either way, printing these labels is easy to do on the following websites:,, and

How do I print a FedEx shipping label?

This article will teach you how to print a FedEx shipping label and apply it to a package for shipment.

Shipping your items is an easy process with the help of the different tools FedEx has at its disposal. There are labels that have been designed for use, and there are also full-service locations that allow members of the public to bring packages in person or by car. The USPS website also offers a variety of shipping options so be sure to check them out if you’re looking for something more long-term than FedEx offers.

Can I print product labels at FedEx?

A lot of people wonder if they can print product labels at FedEx, like they do with other courier services. The short answer is yes. FedEx will be happy to print your product label for you, and at a reasonable price. If you’re going to ship something via FedEx, your labels should already be in place.

How do I print a FedEx label by email?

If you send packages often, you know how bad it feels to be sending out a package because an order needs to go through but then finding out that you don’t have any printer ink. Luckily, there are a lot of different ways that you can print shipping labels online these days without needing to buy new ink! One of the easiest is by emailing your FedEx account. Here’s how:

Start by logging into your FedEx account. Next, click on “Ship” in the top navigation bar.

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