How Do I Reset My Epson Printer To Factory Settings

How do I reset My Epson Printer to Factory Settings?– Epson printer is globally famous for its flawless printing experience that it provides to its users. But just as every application needs to updated, the printer also needs maintenance frequently.

So, whenever you receive a message saying “Printer Maintenance Required” while using the Epson printer then you need to know how to restore the Epson printer to factory settings.

By resetting the Epson printer, you will stop getting such a message. There are several methods to reset the Epson printer. You can use any one of them for factory reset.

All the methods are thoroughly explained to help you with the best solution. So, let’s have a look at these easy to follow methods made available by our technical experts.


How to reset epson printer to factory setting


Reset  Epson Printer To Factory  Settings  Using Control Panel


You can restore the Epson printer using the control panel of the printer. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step1- Through the Home Button Open the Home Menu on the control panel of your Epson Printer.

Step2– By using the navigation button, click on the setup menu then click on the Ok Button.

Step3– Look for the Restore Default Settings Option and then click on the Ok button.

Step4- With the help of up and down arrow, find out the Restore Network Settings and click the Ok button.

Step5– After all the above-mentioned steps restart the printer.

In this way, you can reset the printer easily.

Reset Epson Printer to Default


Now, we will try to reset the Epson printer through another method. Some people ask where is the reset button on the Epson Printer? So l just to let them know every Epson printer model has a factory reset button at the backside of the printer.

So, let’s move forward towards the alternative method:

Step1- Initially, you need to turn on the Epson printer using the power button.

Step2- Make use of a pin to press and then hold the reset button for a while at the backside of the printer’s body.

Step3- Turn on the printer while holding the reset button pressed for at least 5 seconds.

Step4– You need to release the button at the time of getting a warning page printed.  After a few seconds, another page will the printed too using the default IP Address.

Step5– Use the received IP address to reconfigure the Epson Printer to the computer system.

This is considered the easiest method to reset the Epson Printer. It is often used by the user but yet proved effective especially restoring the Epson printer to default.

Using Adjustment Program


You can choose this method if the Epson resetting button is not working properly. This method takes more time than usual but proves effective.

You can apply this method if all the options get failed. Use these simple steps to reset your Epson Printer:

Step1– At first, you need to download and install the latest version of the Epson Adjustment Program in your system.

Step2– Click to Open the installed Epson Adjustment Program on your PC.

Step3- Configure the program using the given instructions on your computer screen.

Step4- Now, in the select menu, choose the model number, you are using and the port, where your printer is connected with a computer system.

Step5– Click on the Ok Button.

Step6– In this way, the program will be opened, You need to choose the waste ink pad counter option in the maintenance section.

Step7– Press the Ok button.

Step8– Initialize the procedure by clicking on the initialize button placed in the bottom side of the corner.

Step9– To finish this process click on the finish button

Step10– After all the above-mentioned steps, you need to restart your Epson Printer.

In this way, you have now successfully reset the Epson printer to default.  All these steps are easy to follow and gives you the expected result in just a couple of minutes.



You might be thinking why we need to reset our printer as this question pops on everyone’s mind. Well, the reasons are many.

Some of these technical devices work just opposite of what we expect. It stops functioning well, sometimes a network connectivity issue, internet unavailability, paper feed error, and many others.

In this case, you need to reset the Epson printer to the factory settings. This is just as the rebooting and restarting the device to assure its smooth functioning.

By resetting the device, you can experience flawless printing in just a couple of minutes.

We hope that this article on how to reset the Epson printer is helpful for resolving the resetting option. This information is written under the supervision of a technical expert, who holds massive experience in the respective field.

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